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Dr Rikke Duus is an Associate Professor (Education) at the University College London School of Management. She is also visiting faculty at ETH Zurich.

Rikke has more than 15 years of experience in designing and delivering cutting-edge programmes and courses in the areas of digital business transformation, digital customer engagement, digital value creation and urban innovation. In addition to undergraduate and graduate learners, Rikke has extensive experience of designing impactful programmes for MBA and executive participants. 

She is a Review Panel Member for EFMD EOCCS (Online Course Certification System) and assists with evaluating the quality of online business and/or management-related courses that either stand-alone or constitute part of a certificate or programme. 

She is also part of the Digital Skills Squad for the European Education Area, exploring the digital skills of the future. 

In 2021, Rikke won the 2021 UCL Provost Education Award for ‘Outstanding Response to Teaching During the Pandemic’ based on her design and development of a suite of digital and hybrid initiatives.


In her PhD she explored human-tech hybrid relationships and the fluidity of agency. She also holds an MSc in Practice-based Research, an MSc in Strategic Marketing and a BA (Hons) in English and International Communication. She is a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 



Rikke has a deep interest in how technology affects and influences the human experience. She is especially interested in how strategic decision-makers in organizations adapt their practices to respond to new digital opportunities; how digital technologies facilitate the emergence of inter- and intra-industry collaborative networks; how complex digital ecosystems require new types of mindsets; and the ‘darker’ sides of data accumulation and surveillance.


In her current research, Rikke looks at how individuals maneuver and negotiate organizations’ requests for data sharing in digital spheres and some of the emergent practices that transpire in response to this data-driven environment.


Rikke has published her work in the Frontiers in Psychology, The European Business Review,  Harvard Business Publishing, Journal of Marketing Education and European Advances in Consumer Research. She has also contributed extensively with thought leadership in renowned media outlets, including CNN, the World Economic Forum, Discover, The Independent, Chartered Management Institute, The Sydney Morning Herald, WeekendAvisen, Politiken, amongst other. 


Rikke has also been interviewed by The New York Times, CBS radio and delivered a talk at the World Economic Forum.  

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