Technology-Human Hybridity:

Affecting organizations, consumers and cities

Read Rikke's latest paper on wearable technology and behaviour change

Exploring Human-Tech Hybridity at the In

Part human, part machine?


Investigating the experiences of living with technology body part replacements towards the emergence of a new hybrid being.

The dark sides of the Quantified Self 

This research explores the everyday life of users of Fitbit activity trackers to discover how the technology both enhances and controls. 

Are organizations ready for Gen Z?


Gen Z is entering the workplace with and expectation of a fast, seamless and flexible working environment. Will this cause a clash with more traditional organizational structures?

What's the role of tech in future cities?


Will tech make use more resilient?

Participation in opening panel debate of the European Forum Alpbach Health Symposium

How we became Social media workers

Feature article in leading Danish newspaper on the emergence of consumers-as-workers on social media

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Speaking at the world economic forum - how to ignite a digital mindset