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Executive Education

I work with ETH Zurich, Copenhagen Business School and Ashridge Executive Education to design and deliver executive education programmes in the areas of digital transformation, digital marketing and customer experience. 

These programmes are aimed at middle and senior executives working in strategic roles and help them to better understand current trends, analytical techniques and opportunities for innovation.

During these programmes, participants engage in critical discussions to explore the impact of digital technologies and gain opportunities to apply key concepts that will lead to innovative solutions for their own organisations. I believe it is imperative that both incumbent and born-digital organisations understand their competitive environment, the 'white spaces' and key competencies required to gain from emergent opportunities. 

I specialise in experiential learning techniques with a focus to equip participants with the required skills, knowledge and tools to drive organisational change.  

Supporting Entrepreneurs and Start-ups

I have designed and delivered multiple workshops and training sessions for small and entrepreneurial ventures in the areas of marketing, brand development and customer experience. These programmes have been delivered through the Goldman Sachs 10K Small Businesses programme, the Growth Vouchers programme and the UK-Lebanon Tech Hub.

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